How Can You Watch Ghana TV Online?

How Can You Watch Ghana TV Online?

To watch Ghana TV live, go to, and place the cursor on Live TV menu option. Select GTV from the drop down options to open the live streaming page of the channel. Select GTV Sports Live to watch the live streaming of the GTV Sports channel.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, or GBC, operates Ghana Today Television, or GTV, the national public broadcaster of Ghana. GTV broadcasts from its central studio in Accra, Ghana to transmitters in different regions of the country. GTV airs local and international programming, including informative, entertainment, educational and cultural shows, as of 2015.

Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Arnold Hodson, introduced broadcasting in Ghana in 1935. A relay radio station, named Radio ZOY, broadcasted news, entertainment and cultural music. In 1953, the Gold Coast Broadcasting System was established.

After the country gained independence in 1957, the legislation set up the GBC to lead the country’s information and broadcasting industry. The broadcast of GTV started as GBC TV on July 31, 1965.

In addition to GTV, Ghana also has private television stations, such as TV3 and Metro TV. TV3 is a private free-to-air television network that broadcasts news, dramas, reality shows, movies and lifestyle programs. The TV station offers nationwide coverage in all regional capitals of Ghana.