How Can You Watch Your Favorite Turkish TV Series Online? links to the live streams of over 80 different local, national and international Turkish television channels, as well as their homepages and related services. As of October, 2015, these include but are not limited to the government-operated TRT television and radio stations, the popular Kanal D privately owned entertainment network, and international services like Bloomburg and CNN Turkey.

According to the website, of the fifteen most popularly ranked Turkish television series of 2014, 14 appeared on channels with free streaming feeds accessible through WiiTV, including Show TV, Star TV and ATV, with only the 7th-place series, Karagül, being unavailable. According to Wikipedia, of the top-nine market share leaders in the Turkish television industry, eight were accessible through WiiTV, with Fox TV being the only exception.

WiiTV describes itself as, "an independent guide to streaming media available on the web." Offering no direct television services of its own, WiiTV instead provides access to the online streaming content of a variety of television stations worldwide. The services provided are nonprofit and allow free and legal online access to this content.

Both video and bandwidth quality vary according to the standards maintained by the service provider. For instance, watching TRT HD provides a clearer picture than watching VTV TV from Valya.