Where Can I Watch Free Episodes of "Naruto" in English?

English episodes of "Naruto" are available for free at Anime Ultima, Hulu and Animegg as of 2015. These websites have all 220 episodes of "Naruto" available for streaming.

Each website has every episode of "Naruto," but they are all different from one another. Anime Ultima is one of the largest websites that streams anime episodes for free, and it has both the English and subtitled version of "Naruto." Each episode has multiple links, which means there are plenty of viewing options if one link does not work.

Hulu also has the entire series of "Naruto" available for streaming in English. The free version of Hulu requires users to sit through occasional commercials, but this only happens once or twice each episode. Because Hulu has paid subscribers and is owned by NBC, it can be depended on to provide streams of the highest quality.

Animegg is another popular anime streaming website that has "Naruto" available for viewing in English. Each episode link loads quickly and can be viewed in high-definition.

All three websites also have the English version of "Naruto: Shippuden," which is the sequel to the original "Naruto" series. Anime Ultima is the only website of the three that has all of the English versions of the "Naruto" movies.