How Can You Watch "Caso Cerrado" on Telemundo?

"Caso Cerrado" can be seen on weekdays at 5:00 p.m. EST on the Telemundo Television Network. Previous episodes of the show are streamed on Telemundo's website.

"Caso Cerrado" is produced by Telemundo Communications Group, Inc. Meaning "case closed" in English, "Caso Cerrado" originally dealt exclusively with arbitration for married couples. At that time, the show was called "Sala de Parejas," or "Couple's Court." The show later expanded to include a broader spectrum of cases, and the name was changed to "Caso Cerrado."

Litigants sign a form before appearing on the show promising to abide by the arbiter's decision after having their cases heard. This is necessary because the arbiter has no legal standing as a judge. The show is hosted by Ana Maria Polo and named after her iconic closing of cases by striking the gavel and announcing "caso cerrado" at the end of arbitration. Polo has appeared in over 10 television shows, both as herself and working as an actress.

"Caso Cerrado" was the first show from a Spanish-speaking network to be nominated for an Emmy Award. However, the show has had detractors. A frequent criticism centers on the veracity of the show's content. While producers argue that all cases on the show are real, the people appearing on the show are often actors. Additionally, the credits include a disclaimer stating the show has been dramatized.