Where Can You Find Free Videos of the Alphabet Song Online?

Super Simple Learning and Baby TV offer free videos of the alphabet song. Each site is geared toward young children with an emphasis on showing the letters while singing. Story Bots also offers a collection of videos for learning each letter.

The alphabet song involves singing the letters of the alphabet to the tune of one of Mozart's piano variations of "Ah, vous dirai-je, maman." The tune is also used for "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" and "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep." The song is primarily used to teach kindergarten children the alphabet.

American and British versions of the song vary slightly in their repetition of letters. There are also differences in pronunciation, notably the letter "z." Americans pronounce this letter as "zee," while Britons, Australians and Canadians pronounce it as "zed." This has little effect on the song itself, however, as each pronunciation is only one syllable. Users should qualify their Internet searches with the term "American" to ensure the songs use American pronunciation.

YouTube also offers a wide variety of alphabet songs, which users can find by entering "alphabet song" or "ABC song" into the search bar. Adding terms such as "Baby Einstein" or "animation" to the search can also narrow the selection.