What Can You Use Heart Clip Art Images For?


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Clip art refers to pre-made images, widely used in both professional and personal applications. Heart clip art is ideal for a wide variety of projects, including greeting cards, websites, Valentine’s Day projects, newsletters, flyers and much more.

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Clip art comes in electronic and printed forms, although most of today’s clip art is electronic. One finds a tremendous range of content, formats, artistic styles and licensing restrictions in the world of clip art. It comprises hand- or computer-created illustrations and does not include stock photography. Hearts, in particular, are very popular images found in clip art. Educational, children’s, romantic and holiday applications are just a few of the areas where heart clip art is appropriate.

Clip art users need to be aware of copyrights and usage rights. This allows images to be used in ways that are allowed and legal. Some terms to be familiar with are royalty-free, rights-managed and public domain. Royalty-free means one can use the clipart for personal, non-profit and educational applications. Rights-managed is less common because of the large pool of royalty-free clip art now available. Public domain images are the most popular type because the image rights are totally free and these images can be used how the user sees fit.

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