How Can You Use Cool Letter Designs?


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It is very simple to use cool letter designs when typing on a Microsoft Word Document. On a Microsoft Word Document, by clicking "Insert" and then "WordArt" a variety of options will pop up that you can use to make the text on a document really hip. However, to use cool letter designs while creating a website or when using a social media site, special programs are necessary.

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To use cool letter designs online as opposed to in a Word document, there are a variety of options. One is to copy and paste "WordArt" from a Microsoft Word Document. Another option for making text look cool online is to search for a website with tools that transforms text into a more interesting font. One final and more complex option which comes in handy, especially when designing a website, is to use CSS to transform or darken fonts, or even give them shadows. When using CSS, it is important to remember that every color has a numerical value.

Other programs come in handy when making cool texts. For example, Microsoft Paint and Photoshop are both excellent options for designing text or editing already existing text. Trying out different fonts could result in a much more appealing website, article or document.

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