How Can U.S. Residents Watch Arabic TV Live?


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There are various ways U.S. residents are able to watch Arabic TV live, such as an app on Apple's App Store, some cable providers offer additional channels, and third-party, web-based applications. However, most providers of Arabic TV charge a recurring monthly fee for service.

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The Arabic TV Live app offers a 24 hour subscription service to all the media channels for a recurring monthly fee of $5.99, as of 2015. There is both a standard and an HD version of Arabic TV Live. Arabic TV Live requires iOS 6.0 or later. Arabic TV Live works for both iPhones and iPads.

Comcast's Xfinity TV subscription offers a channel called ART Cable. ART Cable has over 3,500 programs which include sports, movies, news and national events. According to Xfinity, ART Cable aims to provide a cultural message with programming in their native language in an effort to provide a taste of Saudi Arabia.

GLArab offers access to Arabic TV channels from both computers and televisions with GLArab's Set-Top Box. According to GLArab, mobile access is coming soon as well. The online service through desktop or laptop is free, but the TV and film service has a recurring monthly fee of $20. GLArab also offers a one-time set fee for their unlimited package to avoid recurring monthly fees.

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