How Can You Get a Subscription to Newsday?

How Can You Get a Subscription to Newsday?

To get a subscription to Newsday, choose a subscription package — either home delivery or digital subscription — and create an account on the Newsday website. Pay for the subscription, complete the registration process and choose preferences for alerts, newsletters and favorites.

Without subscription to either home delivery or Digital Access on the Newsday website, visitors can only view limited content, such as weather, obituaries and previews of articles. Subscribers have full access, as do Optimum Online customers.

  1. Choose a way to subscribe
  2. Optimum Online customers sign in at the website of Newsday newspaper using their Optimum ID and create a registered account for free. There is an option to subscribe to Newsday home delivery, which includes access to the website, or to subscribe to Newsday digital access.

  3. Subscribe at the website
  4. On the homepage, find the button "Subscribe to Newsday" and click it. Fill out the home address details and other required fields. Pay for the subscription. Once the payment process is completed, follow the registration prompts on screen. Click an activation link that will be sent by email.

  5. Set up a profile
  6. After the account has been activated, choose from available options, such as phone alerts and a range of newsletters that can be received by email. Some of these include breaking news alerts, sports and travel.