How Can You Subscribe to the Greensburg Tribune-Review Newspaper?

You can subscribe to the Greensburg Tribune Review by visiting its main website,, and clicking Subscribe, found in small black letters in the top left corner of the screen. As of 2015, you have the option to subscribe to the online or print newspaper.

The digital subscription offers constant access to all of the content in the printed newspaper, available on a computer, phone or tablet with an Internet connection. The newspaper advertises this digital subscription as being an easy way to share articles on social media.

The home delivery subscription can be slightly more expensive than the digital subscription, but it includes paper delivery as well as a digital subscription. With this subscription, you can receive newspapers seven days a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, or on Sundays only, depending on your preferences.

Once you have chosen the subscription that fits your needs, click the Subscribe button next to your selection. The next page allows you to choose the length of time you would like for your subscription to run. The website then prompts you to enter your credit card details and pay the entire price of your subscription. Your first delivery arrives in five to seven days.