How Can You Submit an Application to Be on the Show "Overhaulin'"?


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To be considered for the show "Overhaulin'" you must submit an application that can be found at overhaulin.tv. Make sure you have a good story and the appropriate car or motorcycle to be considered.

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How Can You Submit an Application to Be on the Show "Overhaulin'"?
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The Overhaulin team generally looks for people who love their cars and motorcycles and whose personal story is inspirational and deserves to be shared with others. This has to be accomplished without the car owner’s knowledge. The element of surprise must remain intact so the audience gets to see the expression on the owner's face once the vehicle is restored and then returned. They television program accepts written and/or video submissions using the form on the website. The submissions must include a description and photos of the vehicle along with information about why they should pick the vehicle for the show.

It is best to have an interesting back story to go along with an interesting automobile. It is television, so there has to be some level of entertainment or personal interest involved in the story. Remember, the work is a surprise, and if your vehicle is chosen, all of the work is done for free. There are taxes that apply, and they must be paid upon completion of the project.

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