How Can You Stream NHL on CBC Live?


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Stream live NHL games from the CBC to a computer by visiting the network's site at CBC.ca. You can also use the official CBC app to stream games to a tablet or smartphone. Hockey Night In Canada broadcasts are made available to stream to all Canadian residents, but IP addresses outside the country are blocked.

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The CBC makes online live streaming of NHL games available to all Canadian residents with up-to-date web browsers. Simply visit the CBC website and then go to the Hockey tab. During the NHL season the daily live game stream is immediately presented here. The site checks your computer to ensure you are accessing it from a Canadian IP address.

The CBC also has official apps that allow you to stream NHL games directly to tablets and smartphones. As with the website, streaming to non-Canadians is blocked through the app infrastructure. You can also use an app to stream NHL games through dedicated hardware such as Chromecast, AppleTV or Roku to modern television sets.

For Canadians traveling outside the country, options for streaming are more limited. You can try streaming from your home connection using a cloud streaming program like AirVideo. This option requires someone to be at your house to start the stream when the NHL game starts. You can also attempt a remote connection to your home PC with a program such as PCAnywhere.

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