How Can You Spot Art Deco Architecture?


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Art Deco architecture incorporates stylized, geometric designs with flat roofs on buildings and use of concrete, stone, stucco and Terracotta. This style was popular from 1925 to about 1950.

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  1. Look at the roof
  2. Check to see if the roof is flat and stepped. Art deco buildings often feature this type of roof. The corners of roofs were also decorated with parapets, spires and tower-like projections. Chimneys may also feature on the roof.

  3. Look at the materials used
  4. Art Deco buildings, especially the exterior elements, are made with stone, stucco and other natural earth materials. Block glass is used in windows, and some decorative elements are made from steel or aluminum. Large metal sashes can be found on exterior windows.

  5. Look at the designs
  6. Builders incorporated many geometric designs into the buildings and their exteriors. Designs are block-like with an emphasis on upward motion. Stylistic elements include zig-zags, chevrons, bands, grooves and sunbursts.

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