Where can you find Spanish love poems online?


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For a person unfamiliar with Spanish poets and poetry, some Spanish love poems are available at DonQuijote.org and Creative-Dating-Ideas.com. For those with knowledge of Spanish poets or who willing to do a little more research, Poets.org is a great database for reading Spanish love poems.

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Love is an enduring theme in Spanish poetry. DonQuijote.org lists about a dozen Spanish love poems, including the famous "Llama de amor viva" by St. John of the Cross. Creative-Dating-Ideas.com is also a good resource for reading Spanish love poems by lauded poets, such as Federico Garcia Lorca of Spain and Pablo Neruda of Chile. These sites are a great starting place for those who may be reading Spanish love poems for the first time.

If you have time to do a little digging and want to read more than just a few Spanish love poems from the most well-known poets, Poets.org, a website managed by the American Academy of Poets, is a trove of poetry. Poems such as "Love Opened a Mortal Wound" by Sor Juana In��s de la Cruz, a nun from Mexico, and "XIII" by Peruvian poet C��sar Vallejo are available. Poets.org is still limited in the offerings of Spanish poems specifically focused on the topic of love, but it is a great way to find out some more names in Spanish poetry to continue research elsewhere with more specific poets in mind.

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