Where Can Someone Learn to Paint Art Pictures of Jesus?


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To learn to paint pictures of Jesus Christ, the beginning artist can follow painting tutorials provided by sources such as the Will Kemp Art School, the Artist's Network and the Virtual Instructor. By learning the basics of portrait and figure painting and combining that knowledge with his own personal interpretation of Jesus Christ, the artist can create unique and artistic depictions of Jesus.

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Regardless of subject matter, painting portraits requires a basic understanding of how to depict the human face and form. This knowledge can be applied to any artwork, including paintings of Jesus Christ.

The Will Kemp Art School website features a detailed tutorial explaining how to create a black-and-white portrait with oil paints. It includes information on choosing paints and brushes, sketching the initial portrait, blocking in color and adding details. Although this tutorial includes the use of a photograph as reference, an artist wishing to apply the techniques to a portrait of Jesus can refer to other depictions of Christ or seek out photographs of people who remind him of Christ. The Artist's Network features a similar portrait tutorial by painter Rob Anderson.

For artists who wish to create full-body paintings of Jesus, sources such as the Virtual Instructor include video tutorials depicting a variety of figure-drawing techniques and skills, including lessons in perspective, tips on how to draw hands and information on drawing figures in different poses.

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