Where Can Someone Find Books on Quileute Legends?


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Books on Quileute legends can be found through online retailers as well as nonprofit resources. There are a variety of Quileute legends; many of which are creation stories and tales involving the raven, which is the trickster hero of Quileute folklore.

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This trickster character is responsible for the creation of the moon, sun and stars. He is also credited with controlling the tides, a very important power because Quileute tribes commonly harvested their food from the Pacific Ocean and other bodies of water. The raven operates as a transformative character, having an amorphous ability to change shape and play important roles in the natural world. Other tribes tend to use different animals, such as the blue jay or the coyote, as their own forms of the trickster.

Quileute legend believes that humans descended from wolves. Legends describe a two-sided "transformer," Dokibatt and K'wa'iti, who created the first human from a wolf. These legends have their own variations, but they are still told today in the Quileute Nation near La Push, Washington.

While many stories involve the beginning of humans, they aren't all necessarily creation stories. Instead, other Quileute legends act as parables, giving moral lessons to try and imbue character and responsibility into younger generations. Some of these moral ideas relate to the importance of generosity and selflessness or that hard work and genuineness are important aspects of life.

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