How Can You Get a Sneak Peek at Upcoming "Days of Our Lives" Episodes?


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NBC provides weekly sneak peeks of upcoming "Days of Our Lives" episodes on the show's official website. Additionally, fan and entertainment websites, such as SoapCentral.com, WeLoveSoaps.net and Examiner.com, provide daily peeks, as well as other spoilers. Prior to each week's episodes, NBC provides a preview video and a slide show of photos from the week ahead, complete with descriptive text about each photo.

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SoapCentral.com provides sneak peek materials in its website's The Scoop section, which includes a written description of each week's upcoming episodes. The Scoop also provides shorter written previews of shows two weeks in advance, as well as select teasers of shows more than two weeks in advance. The website also contains opinion columns that discuss the show, including future episodes and potential plot twists.

Examiner.com includes weekly descriptions and video of upcoming episodes, as well as articles and video containing show spoilers from upcoming episodes and other sources that include the return of actors to the show's set.

WeLoveSoaps.net provides weekly spoiler posts that provide daily written descriptions of the upcoming episodes, as well as an embedded video of the weekly NBC preview. The daily descriptions highlight the major plot points of each episode, often with teasers included.

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