Where Can You Get Similar Songs Online?

Find similar songs using Last.fm, MoreTracksLikeThis.com, Pandora and YouTube. These sites all provide music recommendations for users based on listening habits or similar audio properties.

Last.fm is a music community that allows users to share their listening habits with one another. By comparing listening data across different artists, the site is able to provide recommendations for users about similar songs and bands. Users can also create playlists of similar songs by using the site’s Similar Tracks feature.

MoreTracksLikeThis.com combines Last.fm user-generated recommendation algorithms with the audio selection of Spotify, offering a greater selection of possible tracks. Users simply enter the title of a song or drag the Spotify link into the site’s interface, and MoreTracksLikeThis.com provides similar songs by using Last.fm user data.

Pandora is one of the most popular digital radio stations, allowing users to create dynamic stations based on the audio properties of selected songs. By identifying the rhythmic or melodic qualities of a song, Pandora’s matching algorithm locates other songs that share similar characteristics, creating a playlist of songs that all have similar sounds or moods.

YouTube also allows users to find similar songs by displaying a selection of links after each video plays. These selections are based on the listening habits of other users.