Where Can You Find Free Short Stories?

Where Can You Find Free Short Stories?

Many online resources such as World-English.com, Free-Online-Novels.com and WattPad.com offer free short stories. OpenCulture.com is an online portal that provides links to thousands of free stories.

Word-English.com offers free online reading for more than 100 stories by authors such as Aesop, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Jack London. The site is oriented towards English as a second language students.

Free-Online-Novels.com is a website that publishes original content from user submissions. The site features genres such as science fiction, fantasy, horror and mystery. Stories are organized in alphabetical order or by genre. The site also publishes user-submitted novels.

WattPad.com is another user-generated website. The site offers free short stories and novels and may also be accessed with a mobile application. The site features genres including horror, fantasy, mystery and spiritual stories. It allows users to epublish incomplete works as well as completed stories.

OpenCulture.com is one of the largest open content websites in the world. It includes links to the works of authors such as HP Lovecraft, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edgar Allan Poe and Phillip K. Dick. OpenCultur.com also features links to audio books of short stories and novels. Some links on the website lead to short stories published in languages other than English.