Where Can You Sell Old Books for Cash?

can-sell-old-books-cash Credit: Xiao Lu Chu/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Cash4books.net, WeBuyOldBooks.com and SellUsedBooks.com are all sites that allow customers to sell used books or textbooks for money. Each site requires similar information from the seller to determine the correct amounts.

Cash4books.net provides potential sellers with a quote as to what they can expect to receive for their books. The sellers can then send the books using a pre-paid label. Upon receipt of the books, Cash4books.net pays the seller via PayPal or by mailing a check.

WeBuyOldBooks.com does not buy modern books, textbooks, comic books or encyclopedia sets. Its website states that only 5 percent of books printed after 1800 are of sufficient value. It pays for the books by mailing a check to the seller.

SellUsedBooks.com buys both textbooks and other books. It offers free shipping and pays for the books by check or PayPal.