Where Can You See Carcinoma Photos Online?

Where Can You See Carcinoma Photos Online?

Photos of carcinoma cancers may be found online at Dermnet, the Skin Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Society, the University of Utah's School of Medicine and the Science Photo Library. Carcinomas are types of cancer affecting skin tissues or tissues lining internal organs such as the lungs.

The Dermnet Skin Disease Atlas offers a large collection of skin cancer carcinoma photos, including basal cell carcinoma, the most common form of all cancers, as well as squamous cell cancer and verrucous cell cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society's websites offer carcinoma photo libraries and include basic information about carcinoma cancer types including warning signs, causes, risk factors, diagnosis and treatments.

The University of Utah offers a series of medical pathology photos and microscopic images of active sarcoma cancers and how they affect organs in the body. The photos, primarily intended for medical professionals and students, include images of renal cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma of the stomach, and ductal carcinoma of the breast.

The Cancer Signs and Symptoms website includes nearly 100 photo, X-ray, MRI and microscopic images of various carcinomas. The images mainly focus on skin cancers, lung cancers and throat cancers.

The Science Photo Library offers a browsable online stock photo catalog which includes more than 1000 copyrighted carcinoma images. The thumbnail images in the catalog, which include image content descriptions, are free to view. The images must be licensed for personal or professional use.