Where Can You Find Reputable Reviews of Movies Now Playing?


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Moviegoers can find reputable reviews of movies that are now playing through well-known media outlets such as Roger Ebert's official website and the film review sections news websites the New York Times, Variety, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, The Atlantic, The New Yorker and The Guardian. They can also access reputable reviews through Rotten Tomatoes.

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Where Can You Find Reputable Reviews of Movies Now Playing?
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Roger Ebert was one of the most well respected film critics in the movie industry. Although he passed away in 2013, his official website still publishes movie reviews on a regular basis. Moviegoers can read reliable critiques for films that are currently playing and can also access an extensive back catalogue of Roger Ebert's reviews.

Many newspapers and news outlets include film review sections in their online editions. These include professional reviews that adhere to high editorial standards. Many well-known film critics such as David Edelstein, Philip French, Janet Maslin, David Denby and Roger Ebert have written reviews for major publications.

Rotten Tomatoes is a website that compiles reviews for films published online and gives them a percentage based on the number of good and bad reviews. Films with ratings higher than 50 percent are rated as "Fresh" and films with ratings lower than 50 percent are rated as "Rotten." Rotten Tomatoes sources its reviews from top publications.

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