How Can You Find the Most Recent Movie Releases?

How Can You Find the Most Recent Movie Releases? provides a page listing the release dates of wide and limited theatrically released movies on any given week. It also provides prior release scheduling for films released during the previous weeks and months and, additionally, a page previewing the forthcoming movie season. In addition to this catalogue of the most recent releases, also provides users with a registry of films currently playing in local theaters in and around a specified area.

Many other movie sites offer similar lists of films and theaters with the format, though there are some differences in the types of supplemental information that can help users learn more about the movies visited. offers a similar list of recent movie releases with every listed film linking to its own page, which contains a critical response score aggregated from newspapers and online film critics. These pages also include cast lists and trailers, if available. also provides an updated list of weekly movie titles, and the website also allows its users to directly pay for movie tickets.

Moviegoers who want complete information on what movies are available, where they are playing, and audience and critic opinions may need to use a combination of these three sites.