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Boxofficemojo.com provides extensive and up-to-date information about box office receipts as of 2015. Many other websites that provide film information also list recent box office numbers -- for example, IMDb.com, RottenTomatoes.com and Fandango.com.

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Boxofficemojo.com is a website solely dedicated to displaying lists of box office numbers. It provides lists of earnings for films per day, per week, per month, per season and per year. It also has indexes of international box office receipts and of the films that had the highest box office earnings of all time.

IMDb.com is unique in that its box office chart includes a link to the IMDb page of each movie listed. This allows the viewer to learn more details about a film such as a plot summary, cast information and production details. The IMDb movie pages also provide links to trailers and clips.

RottenTomatoes.com is a very popular website because it offers reviews by expert critics as well as ordinary viewers. The Rotten Tomato box office chart includes the films' earnings thus far as well as the overall ratings reviewers have given the films. This site shows if a film was enjoyed by audiences, which means the film is considered "certified fresh," or if the film was disliked by audiences, which means the film is considered "rotten."

Fandango.com displays the films currently topping the box office charts. Each given film is linked to the Fandango ticket purchasing page, allowing visitors to quickly see which movies are currently the most popular and then buy tickets to see those films at nearby theaters.

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