Where Can I Read the Script for "The Crucible"?

Where Can I Read the Script for "The Crucible"?

The script for "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller can purchased online from sites such as Amazon. The play consists of four acts and 16 scenes in total. The principal characters are Abigail Williams, John Proctor and Reverend Hale.

"The Crucible" is set in Salem, Massachusetts during 1692 and follows the witch-hunting hysteria that swept the community in that era.

In the first scene, the audience is introduced to Betty, who has fallen ill with no apparent cause. This leads her parents and community to suspect a supernatural explanation, particularly given the fact that Betty was seen dancing at midnight with Abigail Williams, Tituba (Betty's father's black slave) and a number of other girls from the village.

These suspicions are exacerbated by Abigail Williams herself, who secretly plots to have John Proctor's wife Elizabeth killed as a witch. Reverend Hale is brought in as an expert on witchcraft and court trials follow. Like Abigail, some other members of the community also seize upon the hysteria as an opportunity to eliminate personal rivals.

With many women imprisoned, including Elizabeth, John Proctor attempts to discredit Abigail's claims, to which Abigail responds by accusing him of conspiring with the Devil. He is sentenced to execution as a result. Reverend Hale offers each of the prisoners an amnesty in exchange for a confession and, although only John Proctor accepts, he later recounts and is hanged with the others.