Where Can You Read Reviews of Nora Roberts' Newest Novel?

Where Can You Read Reviews of Nora Roberts' Newest Novel?

As of April 2015, reviews of Nora Roberts' newest novel are available on Goodreads.com, Suncoastbookreviews.com and Amazon.com. Customers and members of each website contribute first-person reviews that often contain spoilers.

Reviews on Goodreads.com are available to members and non-members. The members consist of people who work in publishing or bookstores, and they occasionally have access to advanced copies. Consequently, reviews of highly anticipated novels, such as Nora Roberts' "The Liar," sometimes appear on Goodreads.com weeks before the novel appears on bookshelves.

To find reviews of Nora Roberts' novels on Goodreads.com, type the author's name and the title of the novel in the search field. If necessary, consult the author's website for a full list of the author's most recent and upcoming releases.

Suncoastbookreviews.com is a personal blog. Its owner has reviewed several novels by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb, one of the author's more popular pseudonyms. To obtain reviews of novels by Nora Roberts, type the author's name into the search field on Suncoastbookreviews.com. Site visitors can sort the results by relevance or date.

Reviews of books sold on Amazon.com appear after a book's release from customers who purchase the book and decide to share their thoughts. To locate reviews on Amazon.com, type the author's name or book title into the search field. Click on the product to open its corresponding page. Customer reviews are located toward the bottom of the page.