Where Can You Read Reviews of Classical Concerts?

Some websites that have reviews of classical concerts are MusicOMH.com, ClassicalSource.com and MusicalCriticism.com. These sites offer reviews for recent classical music concerts as well as operas.

MusicOMH.com offers a list of reviews for recent classical concerts and operas in England, most of which are in London. Each review is based on a five-star rating system and contains either a still from the show or a picture of the musical performer or conductor.

ClassicalSource.com offers a vast and up-to-date collection of reviews for classical performances in both England and the United States. The website also has a list format and photograph accompanying each review.

MusicalCriticism.com has concert and opera reviews, mostly in London, England, and Edinburgh, Scotland, as well as articles and interviews. These reviews contain a picture along with a five-star rating system.