Where Can You Read the Partial Draft of Midnight Sun?


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The partial draft of "Midnight Sun" is on the author's website, StephenieMeyer.com. The link to it is at the bottom of her explanation of what happened with it.

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"Midnight Sun" mirrors the story told in "Twilight" but from Edward's point of view rather than Bella's.

Meyer had given a few copies of the "Midnight Sun" draft to people she trusted. One of the copies went viral after being leaked to the Internet without her knowledge or permission. She had not wanted readers to see the story until it was completed and edited and was too upset by the violation of her rights as the author to continue writing it. In a later interview, she said that she was tired of writing about vampires. As of September 2015, there has been no announcement of any change in her decision not to finish the book.

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