How Can You Read Mike Murdock Books for Free?

Mike Murdock's website, TheWisdomCenter.TV, offers a free ebook-of-the-day to download. On Oct. 29, 2015, the free ebook was "2-Minute Wisdom, Vol. 2." Other ways to read Murdock's books for free involve getting them from a public library.

To get the free ebook-of-the-day download, click Button 17. You must provide your name, phone number, email address and where you learned about Mike Murdock's ministry for the download icon to appear. Other free downloads include a daily study guide, the "Wisdom Times" newsletter, "The Wisdom Digest" magazine and the song "Faith Is Turning My Life All Around."

To get Mike Murdock's books from a library, check for both print and electronic copies. If the local branch does not carry his books, library staff can obtain them through inter-library loan. This can take a few days or a month, depending on how far away the nearest copies are and whether they are available or checked out. Another possibility is to request that the local library purchase some of his books. This is often just a matter of filling out a form in the library or online.

Mike Murdock is a televangelist who preaches prosperity theology, which is known as a gospel of health and wealth. Some of his books are "7 Laws You Must Honor to Have Uncommon Success," "The Law of Recognition" and "The Winning Wisdom."