Where Can I Read "Of Mice and Men" Online?

The full text of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" is found on many schools' websites, such as the Ketchikan Gateway Borough School District. Schools that use the book in their literature curriculum may post the text online as a PDF.

Many Wikispaces Classroom sites have the full text of "Of Mice and Men" posted online. Wikispaces Classrooms are individualized websites for teachers to post syllabuses, curricula, project guidelines and student progress. Teachers make digital content available on the site so students have the option to read their literature assignments on different devices.

Read Any Book is a site that offers the digital text of the book, along with thousands of other books, which can be read online after a registration process. Genius is another site that has the digital text available and also offers annotations for each chapter. Bibliomania, Project Gutenberg and Page By Page Books are all websites that offer thousands of pieces of classical literature for free online. Some of these sites also offer analysis and articles about the books and their places in the canon.

Project Gutenberg explains that these texts can be read for free in the United States because the copyright has expired, but readers in other countries may be subject to different copyright laws. They also explain that the copyrighted texts they have available are distributed freely by permission from the copyright holder.

Audiobook versions of "Of Mine and Men" are available on YouTube, SoundCloud and Dedication Technologies.