Where Can I Read "Fences" by August Wilson Online?

As of January 2015, genuine electronic book versions of August Wilson's "Fences" are not available. The only published versions of the play are in hardcover and paperback print formats.

Though an electronic version of "Fences" is not available as of 2015, those interested in reading the play have a number of options including buying a new print copy. Online bookstores also offer used book listings from third-party sellers in a marketplace, offering readers the chance to purchase the play at a significantly discounted price. Select online resources that discuss the play are available, including critical analysis and plot summaries from sources such as SparkNotes.

"Fences" is an award-winning play that touches on numerous themes relevant to African-American life from 1957 to 1965. Focusing on the protagonist Troy Maxson, the play encourages its audience to think about complex issues such as pride, discrimination and passion. In the play, Troy once aspired to play baseball in the Major Leagues but was unable to fulfill his dream due to segregation, forcing him to make alternative choices in an attempt to make the most out of life.

In New York, Broadway performances of the play have taken place on multiple occasions, with the original production in the 1980s earning several prestigious awards including the Tony Award for Best Play and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Productions have also taken place elsewhere, including a particularly well received London production held in 2013.