Where Can You Read Free Chapters of New Books Online?


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InternetArchive.org, OpenLibrary.org, Gutenberg.org, WattPad.com, and SmashWords.com are all open source libraries offering free e-books and downloadable texts from various authors across numerous genres and styles. These websites require no membership or fee to gain access to all available texts.

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Internet Archive connects users to online libraries across the globe, allowing them to access hundreds of public domain books and articles as well as film, photos, software and music. Creating a free account grants users the ability to upload digital versions of various artifacts. Internet Archive also allows various download options for nearly all of its online artifacts. User reviews and social networking features allow users to upload, share, and compare texts across the world wide web.

Open Library also provides digital copies of various texts. One unique feature that this site has to offer is the ability to borrow physical copies of various books and articles through a network of libraries, helping users locate the closest physical library that currently carries the desired text.

The Gutenberg Project, Watt Pad, and Smash Words are all websites designed mainly for independent writers looking to share their work to larger potential audiences. These sites offer mostly large selections of ebooks by lesser known authors. Watt Pad even includes the ability to compose ebooks on their website using its "create" option.

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