Where Can You Purchase Nelson DeMille's Books?

Where Can You Purchase Nelson DeMille's Books?

Nelson DeMille's books are available in bookstores and on their websites. Consumers can also purchase his books on Amazon.com. For electronic books, GooglePlay.com sells downloadable versions of DeMille's books.

Bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble and Hastings, sell Nelson DeMille's books both in their stores and on their web pages. For instance, as of 2015, BarnesAndNoble.com has 15 DeMille books listed in paperback, hard cover and electronic form. In many cases, the books are available at a discount rate. Likewise, most of the books include a reader review section complete with star rating and commentary. Hastings offers both new and used versions of DeMille's books.

Online retailers, such as Amazon.com, also list Nelson DeMille books among their inventory. These books are sometimes being sold by stores, but are also listed by individual sellers. Sellers list both new and used versions. Concerning used, the books are categorized according to how new they appear. Customers can buy the books outright or bid on them, depending on the seller. Some books are eligible for free shipping. Amazon.com also lists electronic copies.

For strictly electronic copies, GooglePlay.com sells many of DeMille's books. They are immediately available for downloading after payment is made. GooglePlay.com even offers price comparison for other stores.

DeMille has published novels since 1978, including series surrounding a central character. He has also been a guest contributor for other novels and anthologies of short stories.