How Can You Purchase Some of Gilad's Exercise Videos?

How Can You Purchase Some of Gilad's Exercise Videos?

To purchase Gilad's exercise videos, browse the available titles on the Bodies in Motion website and click Buy DVD to add the video to the shopping cart. The videos are also available at major online retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.

Use the following steps to purchase Gilad's exercise videos.

  1. Browse the Gilad's exercise video offerings
  2. Search online for the desired available videos. The Bodies in Motion website is the official distributor of the Gilad's exercise video series, and buyers can use the tabs on the site to look at specific videos by exercise type of fitness level. The All Workout DVDs tab also allows buyers to see the entire Gilad's exercise video library at once.

  3. Add the selection to the shopping cart
  4. Use the site's tools to add the chosen DVDs to the shopping cart. The process for this depends on which site the buyer is purchasing from. The Bodies in Motion site has a Buy DVD option, while Amazon offers One-Click Checkout to customers with accounts.

  5. Complete the checkout process
  6. In most cases, the buyer will need a credit or debit card to complete the checkout process. Some sites may also accept PayPal or other payment methods.