Where Can You Purchase the Entire Odd Thomas Series?

The entire "Odd Thomas" series can be purchased through Barnes & Noble and Amazon as of March 2015. Barnes & Noble carries a Nook version of every book in the series, while Amazon has every book in the series for the Kindle.

Barnes & Noble and Amazon both sell most books in the series as either a hardcover or a paperback. Each retailer allows third-party sellers to sell the books, new or used, on their websites. Barnes & Noble allows customers to purchase books online for in-store pickup.

The "Odd Thomas" series began when the book of the same name was released in 2003. That first installment in the series was followed by "Forever Odd" in 2005, "Brother Odd" in 2006, "Odd Hours" in 2008, "Odd Apocalypse" in 2012 and "Deeply Odd" in 2013. The series concluded in 2015 with "Saint Odd." Three prequels to the series were released as graphic novels. These were titled "In Odd We Trust," "Odd Is On Our Side" and "House of Odd." A novella called "Odd Interlude" was released between the fourth and fifth books in the series.

A film based on the first book was released in 2013. It received negative reviews and was not successful financially, grossing less than $1 million on a $27 million budget.