Where Can You Find the Property Brothers Twins Biography?


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Biographical information about the Property Brothers can be found on their official website, thescottbrothers.com. In the About Us section, information about the brothers' company as well as individual information about each brother is available.

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In the About Us section of thescottbrothers.com, information is provided about each of the brothers' backgrounds in show business and real estate that led to their success and the creation of the Property Brothers show on HGTV. Also on the site, information is provided about Jonathan and Drew's older brother J.D. Scott, who has also contributed to the success of the Scott brothers brand and achievements.

For a more detailed biography of the brothers' background, IMDB has separate pages on each of the twins. Besides information on their childhoods and background in show business, IMDB also provides a list of interesting facts about each brother. For example, Jonathan used to be one of the world's youngest illusionists and has a collection of antique swords that he started collecting at the age of 10. Drew played college basketball and worked as a personal trainer while in college. He has taken his love of athletics to the next level by starting charities for youth sports clubs all over the country.

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