Where Can I Find Printable Animal Pictures?


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Some of the best sites offering printable animal pictures include coloring.ws and enchantedlearning.com. Each of the sites offers a wide variety of printable animal pictures that are perfect for children's coloring activities. Coloring offers many benefits to children, including self-expression, creativity, color recognition, therapy, building motor skills and focus.

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Coloring.ws offers a large selection of printable pictures featuring all of the most common animals. From alligators to zebras, the site offers pages of colorable animal pictures, often featuring numerous images of more popular animals. With over 50 pages of bears, 33 of butterflies and an entire subcategory dedicated specifically to birds, the site offers one of the most robust selections of free printable animal pictures online.

While Coloring.ws is all about inspiring kids' creativity, Enchanted Learning's animal picture selection takes a more educational approach. The site's pictures are more crudely drawn, but it offers a much wider selection, focusing on categories of animals (arachnids, amphibians, dinosaurs, etc.), as well as animals' countries of origins and natural habitat. Kids can explore and select pictures while simultaneously learning about the animals they are coloring in. The "Grassland" section, for example, gives basic information about this habitat and the animals that live there, while also offering a wide selection of printable pictures. Similarly, clicking on the "Ladybug" picture on the main page will also give kids general information about insects.

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