Where Can You Print Out Pictures of Mermaids Free Online?


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The websites Coloring.ws, CanStockPhoto.com, ColoringBook.info and StockFreeImages.com offer free pictures of mermaids to download and print. Photobucket.com also has pictures of mermaids; some of these are animated GIF images that have code-specific features like glitter. However, Photobucket does not specify whether individual pictures are royalty-free.

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Coloring.ws and ColoringBook.info are two online resources for children's mermaid coloring pages. On Coloring.ws, mermaids are one of many fantasy creature images available for download. The images vary in quality from simple line drawings to more complex images; however, because they are meant for coloring, the images do not have a great deal of detail. ColoringBook.info offers free downloadable coloring pages with characters from Disney's "The Little Mermaid"; because these are licensed characters, copyright laws are likely to limit the ways these images can be used.

On CanStockPhoto.com, searching for the word "mermaid" in the search box and limiting the search to photographs, illustrations or video brings up images for all ages. A strict content filter is available to make search results more child-friendly. Mermaid images on this site include images of clay mermaids, pictures of babies dressed like mermaids, and mermaid illustrations. StockFreeImages.com features more than 100 free mermaid images, including children wearing mermaid costumes and cartoon mermaids.

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