Where Can You Find Prewritten Love Letters for Free?

Where Can You Find Prewritten Love Letters for Free?

Free prewritten love letters can be found on websites such as PassionUp.com, LoveAndRomance360.com, By-The-Letter.com and LovingYou.com. Each love letter on these websites is given an appropriate title that gives users an idea of the contents of the letter

PassionUp.com additionally provides love poems and letters for friends and family. The home page of the website displays a table of different categories followed by the titles of the letters. Stories on subjects such as love, life, inspiration and grace are also given on the website.

LoveAndRomance360.com offers ten love letters with titles such as First Encounter, Destiny, Proclamation, True Love and Wholeness. The rest of the letters are given titles such as Excitement, Hugs & Kisses, Declarations, Pleasant Memories and Yearning.

On By-The-Letter.com, users are provided with a long list of letters with the title and a short excerpt from the respective letter. The website also provides poems and letters expressing sympathy. Users can also upload their own letters.

LovingYou.com displays the titles of the latest love letters on its home page. Users are also provided with eleven categories that they may click on to find relevant letters. The categories displayed in the website include Long Distance, Lost Love, Love Confessions, I Love You and Missing You.