Where Can I Find Pokemon Coloring Pages?

Where Can I Find Pokemon Coloring Pages?

A large selection of free Pokemon coloring pages is available from the Hellokids website. These pages, which feature full and detailed images of Pokemon, can either be downloaded for printing or colored in online.

They fall under the following categories:

  • Normal type
  • Fire type
  • Water type
  • Electric Pokemon
  • Grass type
  • Ice type
  • Fighting type
  • Poison type
  • Ground type
  • Psychic type
  • Bug type
  • Rock type
  • Ghost type
  • Dragon type
  • Dark type
  • Steel Pokemon
  • Pokemon battles

In addition to these coloring pages, the Hellokids website also hosts a Pokemon channel, where users can download animated gifs of Pokemon, learn to draw various Pokemon or play a range of Pokemon games and puzzles.

The pages are recommended for children aged 10 or over.