How Can You Get the Poem "Footprints" Printed on a Poster?


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One way of getting the poem "Footprints" printed on a poster is to use Microsoft PowerPoint to design the poster and then have it printed in university libraries or in a local poster print shop. Those who do not know how to use PowerPoint can also have the poster designed in the local poster print shop.

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The following shows the basic steps in having the poem "Footprints" printed on a poster.

  1. Design the poster
  2. For those who do not know how to use PowerPoint, proceed to the next step. Open PowerPoint and choose Make a New Presentation. Choose a size for the slide. Choose a poster size, for example 36 inches by 48 inches. Make a text box and either type the "Footprints" text or copy paste it into the box. Add the other design elements into the slide such as background patterns and photographs. Save the PowerPoint presentation as PDF file.

  3. Print the poster
  4. Students may proceed to the library to use the available printers. Note that the poster may need to be scaled down in size if the printer cannot accommodate its size. Printers in university libraries, however, may be able to accommodate a 3 foot by 4 foot-sized posters. Alternatively, one can proceed to a local print shop, together with the file to have it printed. The shop may also have design and layout services to create the poster from scratch.

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