Where Can I Place My Banner Online?


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Some locations on which to place a custom banner online include a personal website, the signature section of a forum account, on social media sites and as a signature in an email. Most methods involve the use of some form of markup language or a site-specific tool to process the image and ensure it displays correctly on all devices.

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The specific methods for adding a banner to a personal website vary depending on the structure of the site, as some sites that use a content management system feature special commands or tools to accomplish the task. For example, sites that use the Wordpress framework contain tools to insert images into special areas of the site through the use of the widget option, while individual posts support simple image placement. Sites built with other content management systems, or no system at all, may require use of HTML to make the image appear on the site.

Adding the banner as a signature to an email client or forum account follows a similar process, as many forums and email programs offer tools that allow you to upload the image and display it directly at the signature portion. It may also be possible to use HTML to display the image by accessing the signature section. Many social media accounts do not support HTML to embed images, but instead offer direct tools to set a custom image in a special banner area of the page.

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