Where Can You Find Pictures of "Star Wars" Characters?

StarWars.com provides fans with pictures of the film franchise’s characters. The website’s databank section shows a list of the character’s names along with pictures. Selecting a character will show fans more information about them, such as videos and history. Characters from the “Star Wars” animated films are also featured in the list. Some of the film’s most iconic characters are Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

The “Star Wars” films are based in a galaxy described as “far, far away” and features battles between good and evil. As of September 2015 six feature films from the series have been released. The first film in the series became a worldwide phenomenon followed by two sequels. The prequel trilogy films in the series received mixed reviews, while the original films received positive reviews. All six “Star Wars” films became a box office success and were nominated for or won Academy Awards.

“Star Wars” has also expanded its franchise to other medias such as video games and books. The Guinness World Records titled “Star Wars” as being the “Most successful film merchandising franchise.” As of 2012, the total value of the “Star Wars” franchise was estimated at over $30 billion. The same year Walt Disney acquired the “Star Wars” movie franchise for over $4 billion and announced three new films.