Where Can You Find Pictures of Mike the Geico Camel?


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The website Img Arcade and the Marketing Magazine article "Geico's ad gives camel a happy hump day" both have pictures of the Geico camel. The Geico camel's official name is actually Caleb, though a co-worker he talks to in the commercial is named Mike.

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Where Can You Find Pictures of Mike the Geico Camel?
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The Geico Camel first appeared in a commercial titled "Happier than a Camel on Wednesday" where he bothers his co-workers in the office with the question "what day is it?" He whoops happily when one of them finally responds that it's "hump day," which is a popular term for Wednesday. The commercial quickly went viral, gaining over 22 million hits on YouTube. The camel was officially revealed to be named Caleb in the pre-game show for the 2013 Super Bowl.

Marketing Magazine did an article praising the success of the ad with Caleb the camel as their headline image. The website Img Arcade has a collection of still images of the camel taken directly from the commercial. The collection also includes various images of Caleb the camel plastered with humorous text made by denizens of the Internet who enjoyed the commercial. Caleb the camel is so popular he has reached meme status, meaning a wide variety of people online have created joke content based off his image.

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