Where Can You Find Pictures of Katrina Kaif Without Her Clothes?

You cannot find nude pictures of Katrina Kaif as of September 2015. While numerous fake pictures exist, no photo has ever been proven to be Kaif. So far, all have been exposed as photoshopped images.

While many doctored images have appeared on the Internet purportedly showing Kaif nude, all have been proven fake. A sex tape that surfaced has likewise been denied. Kaif herself has not done any nudity on screen for her career.

Kaif reportedly earned over $10 million and was listed in Forbes' top 10 earners in the Indian film industry. The child of a British mother and Indian father, she holds duel citizenship in the U.K. and India. Kaif got her start at 14 as a model while living in Hawaii. She continued her modelling career when she later moved to London, England.

Kaif finally achieved Bollywood commercial success in the romantic comedy film "Namastey London." "Namastey London" follows the story of Kaif's character, Jasmeet, as a British-raised girl whose Indian father takes her to his home country to arrange a marriage for her. Since then, Kaif has been in a number of Bollywood hits.

Kaif began receiving critical acclaim following her role in the terrorism drama "New York," which earned her a Filmfare Award for Best Actress nomination. Her most significant role was starring in the movie "Dhoom 3," which became the highest grossing movie ever in Bollywood. "Dhoom 3" features Aamir Khan, opposite Kaif, playing a circus entertainer who uses his skills as a magician and acrobat to turn to thievery in an attempt to avenge his father against a corrupt Chicago Bank.