Where Can I Find Pictures of Fairies?

can-pictures-fairies Credit: konradlew/Vetta/Getty Images

Image searches can help individuals discover an endless variety of fairy images from a number of sites. Pictures of fairies can be found in many places on the Internet including FairyPictures.eu, a site dedicated to pictures of fairies, and DreamsTime.com, a stock photo site with a vast array of fairy images.

Fairy Pictures Gallery features an image inventory focuses on fairies only. In most of the pictures available at Fairy Pictures Gallery, the fairy is focal point. The website features images of fairies with wolves, fairies in cages, baby fairies and fairies in various stages of rest. Fairy Pictures dedicates 22 pages of thumbnail photos to fairy lovers.

DreamsTime offers a different sort of fairy gallery. Fairies and fairy related images are categorized together on the stock photo site. Fairy castles, little fairy girls and unicorns are available alongside fairies at DreamsTime.

Some artists focus their creative energy on illustrating fairies. Howard David Johnson is an illustrator who has dedicated much of his time fantasy and has an extensive collection of original art featuring fairies. Original paintings, such as "Fairy Land," "The Good Ladies of Nature" and "The Faerie Grove," showcase Johnson's talent for fantasy and are available to view or purchase on his website.