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Self-service automobile salvage yards that use the name "Pick-A-Part" are found throughout the United States. Also referred to as "Pick-N-Pull" or "Pull-a-Part" yards, these junkyards typically accept non-operational vehicles, paying the owner a fraction of the original worth. Consumers then enter these yards and dismantle vehicles to find needed parts.

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The advantage of "Pick-A-Part" salvage lots is that it is often easier and cheaper, to find parts for a specific make and model of vehicle. Many automobiles often have custom or proprietary parts that are not commonly carried in auto parts stores. The major requirement for self-service vehicle salvage yards is that the customer has basic tool and automobile maintenance knowledge sufficient to dismantle the vehicle safely to recover the needed part.

The major requirements for self-service automobile salvage yards is a large, flat lot to store the disabled vehicles. Staff members at the yards often remove vehicles when the majority of usable parts have been sold, selling the remnants off a junkyard for demolition and recycling of the components.

Some salvage yards remove usable parts from an automobile during the intake process, adding a labor fee onto the basic part fee but streamlining the part-buying process. Generally, these operations require larger warehouse spaces to store parts, in addition to a well-organized record keeping system of each part.

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