Where Can You Find Physical Descriptions of Characters in "The Canterbury Tales"?

The Narrator, himself a character in the story, describes the other characters of "The Canterbury Tales" in the prologue. He gives physical descriptions as well as personal and biographical information about the people on the pilgrimage.

The first character he describes physically with detail is the squire, the knight's son. He is young, approximately 20 years old, of average height and sporting curly hair. He wore a short gown with long, wide sleeves.

The monk had a shiny bald head and bulging eyes. He was overweight and wore fine clothing, fastening his hood with a gold pin.

The clerk from Oxford was thin, as was his horse. His clothes were threadbare, and he didn't have much to say. He enjoyed reading and studying.

The Wife of Bath had a bold, red face and had a gap between her teeth. She was wide through the hips and wore red stockings.