How Can a Person Make a Stencil for Letters of the Alphabet?

To make a stencil for letters of the alphabet, choose a font in a word processing program and print out the desired letters. Change the font size to make larger or smaller letters.

Alphabet stencils can be used in teaching or in parenting, and only require paper or plastic, and a razor knife. If children will be helping with the project, substitute the razor knife for child-safe scissors.

Step 1: Cut out paper letters

If only one set of letters is needed, a razor knife can be used to cut out around each letter.

Step 2: Use the paper stencil.

Use the cut paper as the stencil. It will be very floppy and tear easily.

Step 3: Make a plastic stencil.

If the stencil will be reused, place a sheet of polyester film or a clear plastic sheet on top of the lettered paper.

Step 4: Cut the plastic letter stencils

Trace the letters through the plastic and cut out the plastic letter shapes with the razor knife.