Where Can You Find Free PDF Movie Scripts?

Where Can You Find Free PDF Movie Scripts?

Free PDFs of movie scripts can be found on screenwriter Scott Meyer's website, Go Into the Story. They also are available through the websites ScreenplayDB.com, SimplyScripts.com and SYF.ru. Each website allows users to download hundreds of screenplays from various film genres.

Go Into the Story is a screenwriting site that Scott Meyers provides as a resource for aspiring filmmakers and writers. The site displays the poster images for numerous film titles on its home page, and users click on these to access downloadable links to the screenplays.

The Screenplay Database allows users to browse film titles alphabetically. The site specifies which draft of the screenplay is available for each film, such as first draft or final shooting draft. It also provides the size of the downloadable file and the number of pages in the screenplay.

Simply Scripts provides downloads of screenplays for films, television shows and radio shows gathered from online users. The site offers a link to the screenplay, the genre and a brief summary of each film, along with some short film reviews and forums for discussion among users.

Screenplays for You organizes its available screenplays alphabetically by title. The site specifies which screenplays are specifically available in PDF format.